Who we are

Back in 1973 and under the name FILTROTECHNIKI we started our business with main activity the manufacturing and trading of filters for engines. During all these years there were other business activities with the main object of importing and marketing filters. The most famous are MOTOR SERVICE S.A., INTERFILTER LTD but also Savvopoulos - Eveidis OE. (SAEV). INTERFILTER - TSILIKAKOU I. & CO. EE is the natural continuation and the 2nd generation of filters manufacturing family business. Today we represent many major filter manufacturers such as Mann & Hummel, WIX Filters (now belongs to the group Mann & Hummel), Alco Filters, Smart Filtration Solutions but we also work with internationally recognized companies for our raw and auxiliary materials such as JP Air, Fratelli Marianni, Ahlstrom-Munksjö, Maris Polymers.

Where we are addressing

The range of companies we address is as diverse and diverse as our products. Indicatively, we address to:
- Shipping companies - Painting and metal processing industries
- Recycling industries
- Fuel storage, transportation and distribution companies
- Technical and construction companies
- Quarrying and mining companies
- Cement industries
- Fleet management and transport companies
- Energy Companies
- Pharmaceutical companies
- Food and feed industries

Why us

The family-owned business consists of people with vast experience, love and passion in the manufacture of filters. As successors to a long history, we strive to evolve, develop and improve our relationships and values ​​with all our associates and employees. At the same time by adding new products and services, we are pioneers in the Greek market offering our knowledge, our experience and expertise.

What we offer

Through many decades of our involvement with filters, in addition to the manufacturing and marketing of filters, we also offer a wide range of services. These services aim to help our partners reduce their operating costs, protect and maintain their mechanical equipment. These services are the following:

  • Application and installation services of filtration systems
  • Filtering equipment rental services
  • Technical research, studies and consulting services related to filtration problems
  • Study, design, production, import and marketing of filtration devices and ready-made filters